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List Guidelines

PC-audio is a list for the discussion of any PC audio related topic such as PC audio software like sound editors, audio players and audio formats; and hardware like sound cards, CD and DVD devices and so on.

While the subject matter is wide ranging, this is not a forum for the discussion of non-pc-audio matters. There are many other lists for political or other discussions.

There are also some PC audio related topics which are specifically excluded from the allowable topics. The explicitly prohibited topics include:
* requests for songs or other audio files
* promotion of audio streams except for occasional announcements of special events
* advertising audio products and service

Willfully posting an off-topic message is strictly prohibited. While it may be considered that one or two messages that are off topic can't hurt, if everyone on a large list like this took that approach, we would quickly descend into chaos.

Asking for replies to be sent privately makes no difference.

Some examples of off-topic messages include:
* Virus alerts
* Jokes and humor
* Advertising items for sale
* Test messages
* Non-audio software and hardware

Vulgar language, name calling and other types of flames are strictly prohibited.

Sometimes a message thread starts with a clearly defined purpose, but as the discussion develops the subject matter can change. If this happens, you should take the initiative and change the subject line to better reflect the subject matter of the thread.

Some people pay by time or volume when they use the Internet. For this reason, please take care when quoting messages that you're replying to.

Ideally, keep just enough of the previous message to remind subscribers about the message to which you're replying, and no more. Otherwise, one quickly finds a few lines of new text at the beginning of a message followed by screen after screen of old messages.

If you believe that any of these rules are not being followed, do not raise this as an issue on the list. Write to the group owner to express your concern. If you raise these matters on the group itself, it will generate considerable off-topic traffic and bad feeling. There is only one moderator. Please do not post messages asking that a thread stop or accusing someone on the list of being off topic.

The moderator of the list has the right to remove or restrict anyone from being able to post to the group as a result of not adhering to the stated rules.

If you disagree with any of these rules, please unsubscribe from the list.



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